Pine Scented Christmas Miniature Candle

Pine Scented Christmas Miniature Candle

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Close your eyes and picture one of the most iconic smells of the festive season. That moment when you’ve just cut open the mesh that’s holding the tree in and it bounces into shape filling the room with pure Christmas - the aroma captured within a candle.

A rich herbal fragrance dominated by pine, which sits alongside fresh eucalyptus. This all comes together on a base of cedarwood, sandalwood and musk to finish the fragrance.

Additional Notes:

9cl Glass Vessel

Approx 20+ hours burning time*

Lids sold separately 

Packaged in a luxury gift box, recyclable

Made with a blended soy wax

Shipping, recyclable box with protective eco chips that are biodegradable

*Candle burn times are approximate and may differ slightly depending on scent & candle care. Please refer to our care guide for tips on looking after your candle

*Weight includes presentation box/stationary